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Wednesday July 29 2015 

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League Standings, Stats, Scores tab updated for July 14 Games! 


2015 Playing Rule Changes



Home Plate Safety Line change: 

1. Elimination of runner being called out if he runs inside of Home Plate Safety line while scoring unless runner interferes with catcher making potential put out at home plate. 


Substitute player changes: 

1. Teams are limited to a maximum of 2 Substitutes per game. 

2. For Playoff and Championship games, teams are limited to 1 Substitute per game. The Substitute is allowed to hit. 

3. Substitute hitters can only advance to first base and base runners can only advance if forced. 


Courtesy Runner change: 

1. A team roster player is limited to being a courtesy runner 2 times a game. 


Replacement Player changes: 

1. Replacement Players are not allowed with 4 or less games remaining on schedule. 

2. Use of an illegal Replacement Player results in that team forfeiting the game. 


Home Run Rule Change: 

1. Teams are allowed 5 Home Runs (over fence), then 1 up.  Home Runs after 5 which are not 1 up will be singles, however runners can only advance if forced. 


Pitcher Safety Rules 50 League: 

1. There will be Pitcher Safety Lines added to field that are 6 inches to the right and left of the Pitching Rubber. The lines will start at the Pitching Rubber and go forward 2 feet. The distance between the 2 lines is 3 feet. A batted ball up the middle that (1) crosses the Pitching Rubber and (2) crosses or is within the Pitcher Safety Lines and (3) the level of ball is from top of pitcher head to ground level is a dead ball out. 

2. All Pitchers are required to wear a Pitching Mask.


Pitching Screen 60 League Rule: 

1.  Use of pitching screen for all 60 League games is mandatory.  A batted ball that hits the screen is a no pitch.  For live ball, thrown balls that hit the screen remain live. 

2.  The pitcher can place the screen at a reasonable distance in front of the pitching rubber and within a reasonable distance to the edge of the 24 inch pitching rubber so that they are comfortable pitching and can exercise their option of stepping behind the screen for protection. 




The South Placer Seniors Softball Club, Inc. (SPSSC) hosts recreational senior softball leagues that play at Maidu Park in Roseville on Tuesday evenings beginning in late March to late September. We have ba 50 and over league and a 60 and over league with a large number of tournament players in both leagues. New teams are drafted from our club members each year. SSUSA approved bats are allowed for both leagues.  Use of a pitching screen is mandatory for the 60 League.

We have 6 Teams in the 50 League and 6 Teams in the 60 League that will play a 20 game regular season.  Starting in 2015, there will be playoffs for all teams.    

For those new to the club, please be aware that we only function through the efforts of many club member volunteers and our Sponsors for the enjoyment of playing the great game of softball in this non-profit league.




The City of Roseville will update the front page of the below web site address by 3 PM on game day if the fields are closed due to weather.  Managers will also be sent an e-mail stating that games are cancelled and this web site will be updated to state that games are cancelled.




If rain starts after 3pm and the fields are deemed unplayable, the Managers will be sent an e-mail stating that games are cancelled.  This web site will also be updated to state that the games have been cancelled.


SPSSC Playing Rules

The SPSSC Playing Rules can be accessed via the League Bylaws and Playing Rules tab.


2015-16 Senior Softball USA Rulebook


The 2015-16 Senior Softball USA playing rules shall govern South Placer Seniors Softball Club, Inc. league play except where superseded in the SPSSC Playing Rules. The 2015-16 Senior Softball USA Rulebook can be accessed via the League Bylaws and Playing Rules tab. 



We are extremely grateful to our Sponsors for their financial contribution to our club.  Please check out the Sponsors tab as they may have just the product and/or service that you're looking for!

 Players of Week - July 14
Andrew German
4 for 4
2 Doubles
3 Runs

Al Magdaleno
4 for 4
Triple, Double
2 RBIs, 2 Runs

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